Precious’ Project

Remember when you were a small child on a mid-summer day and how the sun would to shine so bright? How the wildflowers reached to the sky as if they were taking a big morning stretch? How you could imagine castles and kingdoms in the shapes of the fluffy clouds and butterflies would fly by, trailing in the warm breeze around you….

Designed By

Susan Gerlach at Encore Construction

Encore Construction brought to life this perfect summer day for Precious and her sisters, Monica and Jaleesia in a partnership with the Room to Dream Foundation. Working together they were able to fill the rooms with the colors of the sun, the warmth of new bedding, and a healthy environment with organized and clean rooms for these three special little girls.

Encore Construction met the unique needs of these children by maximizing the talent and skill of their construction, design and project management staff. Dale Nikula, President of Encore Construction volunteered his team for this makeover and empowered them with the tools and time to create a healthy environment for Precious and her family. Susan Gerlach, Designer accepted the creative challenge for this space and working day in and day out to select pieces, colors and designs to create the greatest impact. Their efforts did not stop there. Encore reached out to their professional contacts, soliciting donations for materials and services vital to the success of this project. Painters, Carpenters, Electricians, Photographers and Volunteers all came out to help, going above and beyond to celebrate this wonderful family.

Tackling projects in a short period of time takes organization, dedication and commitment. It also takes caring, flexibility and a sense of humor. Encore Construction and its volunteers stopped at nothing to accomplish project objectives with smiles on their face. Solutions were found to maximize storage, creativity was employed while building custom furniture and hard work prevailed as walls were painted, new floors were laid, lighting was updated and suitable furniture was installed. Encore Construction’s drive and dedication, camaraderie and enthusiasm made this project a pleasure from start to finish.

It was apparent the project was a success the moment the little girls walked through the door of their rooms, with bright eyes, pointing their fingers in excitement. The perfect summer day was captured inside and the sun would always shine in their very own wildflower meadow.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

Encore Construction

Susan Gerlach

Smolinsky Electric

C & R Flooring

Tom’s Painting

Peter Winson Photography

iMedia Technology

Granite City Electric

Closet Connection

Hubbard Paint & Wallpaper

Mid Cape Home Center

Dale Nikula

Jean Butler

Kathy DeMeyer

Jonathan Lockley

John Hourihan

Susan Gerlanch

Barry Reopell

Allison Saxton

Ed Peabody