Kira’s Project

Kira’s project was made possible by the generous donation of the entire project by an anonymous family.

“Upon seeing the old room for the first time, I was inspired to design a space that encompassed Kira with warmth. While the old room contained all of Kira’s personal things, it didn’t echo Kira’s playfulness or outgoing personality. Kira had mentioned loving all things “princess”, as well as her favorite color, pink.”

“We chose a vibrant pink for the walls that reflects its rosy glow on everyone and everything in the room. We created a bed out of some crafted pieces along with some purchased items that gives Kira a regal place to rest or play. With a few other simple touches of new white and pink draperies, ribbon tie backs, a few new pieces of furniture, etc. we were able to tie the room together and make a space that encourages imagination and is a reflection of Princess Kira.”

From Renee, Kira’s Mom

“We were able to show off the girls new bedrooms from the Room to Dream Foundation . . . They created a wonderful space for the girls that helped not only Kira, but our entire family. It’s amazing how much your environment contributes to attitude and healing.”
be able to change lives through changing someone’s environment.

Managed By

Ann Hurwitz at D Michael Collins Architects

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

D Michael Collins Architects

Ann Hurwitz