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Ways to support the Room To Dream Foundation. Letaliter ferire non potuit, iam districtum mucronem in proprium latus inpegit. Hocque deformi genere mortis excessit e vita iustissimus.

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The Room To Dream Foundation

181 Wells Avenue, Suite 103
Newton, MA 02459

Tel: 857-338-4431
Fax: 617-274-1515

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New Project Applications

Due to a large number of referrals, we are currently only able to accept applications submitted from approved hospitals in the Greater-Boston area. Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and must be submitted by approved hospitals to be considered by the Foundation.


The Room to Dream Foundation respects the privacy of the children and the families it serves. The Room to Dream Foundation considers all information it receives from children and families absolutely confidential. The Room to Dream Foundation will never discuss information it receives with any outside parties, unless it is specifically needed AND the parents or guardians have consented.