Kayla’s Project

Kayla’s project was made possible by the generous donation of the entire project by an anonymous family.

From Designer Margot Heilbronner

“As the designer for Kayla’s project, I wanted to make sure the project was all about her. One of Kayla’s favorite things to do is to be outside. If she could she would be outdoors all the time. So I wanted to bring the outdoors in! A wallpaper that looked like the sky and a charming yellow picket fence border covered with colorful flowers surrounded her room. We put in a small wall fountain so she could feel as if she were listening to a bubbling brook.

Kayla wanted to be like a big girl and have her own desk which would accommodate her wheel chair. She also wanted to be able to reach all of her toys, so Gail O’Rourke of Hometown Woodworking built a custom desk and low shelves and a bookcase so her toys were at her level. We installed a sturdy garden “gate” for safety, and to complete the sense of being outside we put in a colorful sensory swing, so Kayla could relax, look at her flowers and blue sky even if it was a cold and snowy day!”

Designed By

Margot Heilbronner at Hopkins Rose interiors & Hometown Woodworking

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

Hopkins Rose Interiors

Margot Heilbronner

Hometown Woodworking