Four Siblings Project

All four of the children in this family needed a fresh start. The three bedrooms were a blank slate with a lot of potential. With help of Board Member Bill Hughes and his volunteers at Shawmut Design and Construction we were able to tackle the carpet removal and painting in conjunction with the furniture assembly before the installation day.

Managed By

Rebecca at D Michael Collins Architects

Each child needed a new bed, dresser, desk or additional storage, so Shawmut’s help was instrumental in getting these rooms done on time and within budget. With guidance from their mother and a wish list in hand, the rooms began to develop into personal expressions of each child. Everyone wanted a blue room so we selected the right shade for each of the three rooms.

We needed to create a calm and peaceful space for Andrew. We provided him with a cozy corner and canopy to watch his favorite TV characters, The Hoobs. We gave him lots of soft and tactile toys along with a large soft play mat. His bedding also had several textures to draw interest.

For his older brother Kevin it was all about the Red Sox. Kevin’s room started with a new wall to wall green carpet much like the grass at Fenway Park. His room is sophisticated and masculine, lined with everything Red Sox. Kevin seemed to be very organized so we provided more storage and a display place to showcase his favorite team.

Sisters Denise Ann and Catherine shared a room and the biggest challenge was providing them with their own dresser and desk and an open area to play. The best solution was to give the girls a new bunk bed. We showered their room with fun bright colors and hung large posters of their favorite bands. The Dream Team volunteers even left them some decorations to put final touches on their new room and make it their own.

A big thank you to Shawmut Design and Construction and all the volunteers that helped make a positive difference in these children’s lives. It was an honor to be a designer for a Room to Dream project. The highlight of the day was to witness the reactions of each child during their room reveal.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

Bill Hughes at Shawmut Design

Shawmut Design

Rebecca at D Michael Collins Architects