Molly’s Project

In the spring semester of 2007, The Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC-Boston) started a partnership with Room to Dream and the Boston Architectural College to help design and execute Room to Dream projects. As part of the residential graduate design studio for interior design, two teams of students spent the semester designing and implementing two projects, one in Jamaica Plain for Ethan, and one in Medway for Molly. Both projects were wonderful successes, and Room to Dream looks forward to a continued partnership with CDRC and the Boston Architectural College.

Designed By

Arlene Fraher & Rebecca Silkworth & Isabel Ceroon & Lindsey Chessia & Liz Oliver & JM Construction

Read Molly’s Letter

It was easy to generate excitement for working with Molly; her enthusiasm and ideas were contagious! The re-design of Molly’s room was driven by one major goal: to create an inviting, relaxing and private space where her best high school friends could come to visit.

Molly gave us some general ideas about color but maintained that she wanted to be surprised by the end result. The key impetus for the design came when it was determined that we could break through the wall to a small adjoining room, creating a “suite-like” environment that allowed us to focus on dual functions. The smaller room was used for essential private items such as a desk, dresser and armoire. The larger space became the fun, social space that included Molly’s bed and a contemporary style sofa, perfect for visiting friends and long conversations. Lots of storage space as well as a place for television, movies and music enhanced the social environment. New white furniture contrasted with the pastel color scheme to create a soothing space.

With careful space planning and attention to detail we were able to create an inviting space where Molly can enjoy being alone or being with her friends.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

Arlene Fraher

Rebecca Silkworth

Isabel Ceroon

Lindsey Chessia

Liz Oliver

JM Construction