Alex’s Project

Despite a lengthy and difficult hospitalization for Alex (lasting nearly the length of this project) which tied up his parents just about full-time, the rooms in the Franco’s house spoke to us. They have recently moved into a charming brand-new handicapped accessible home giving the children their own spaces for the first time.

Designed By

KOB Interior Design LLC

Both children needed furniture, organization space, display space, lighting, color and fun in their rooms. We accomplished this by painting both rooms in soft colors over-glazed with contrasting soft colored pink and lavender stripes (in Cheyenne’s room) and soft blue squares (in Alex’s room), thanks to Heritage Painting and Lord and Crown Decoration.

Painted furniture from the Mill Stores included a nifty loft bed (with study area below) for Cheyenne and a 3 piece red entertainment wall unit for Alex which holds his TV and shows off all his stuffed animals. Additional pieces included dressers for clothing storage, a night stand bedside for Alex’s medical needs and two tall bookcases for Cheyenne’s books and collectibles.

Custom window treatments from Dan the Drapery Man featured lavender ticking balloon shades and blue striped roman shades over white blinds. Cozy area rugs in the color palette of the rooms and diminutively scaled club chairs provide a place for Cheyenne to read and for a tired parent to relax in Alex’s room after a long day. Alex has an attention-getting red glass light fixture on his ceiling giving him something sparkly to look at when he is in bed.

With special attention given to space planning, and a wonderful touch of creativity, we were able to create fun yet practical spaces for Alex and Cheyenne.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

Heritage Painting in Quincy, MA

Terry McGowan, Owner

Brian Dooley, Painter

Lord and Crown Decoration

Ida Savignano, Owner

Dan the Drapery Man

Dan Livernois, Owner

The Remodeling Company

Gary Moffie

The Mill Stores