Ellie’s Project

Adventurous, athletic, and incredibly smart, both in and out of the classroom, were words we found to describe Ellie and her spirit. We knew that when designing bedroom where she could live, grow in and call her own, it had to reflect her and her interests. Our design created a space where Ellie can heal from her fight with leukemia and still love and nurture her 8-year-old self.

Designed By

New England Design and Construction

Moments all over her room include a rock-climbing wall attached to her loft bed, allowing her to practice her gymnastics up until her bedtime; a built-in bookshelf with steps leading up to her bed, allowing her to pick out her favorite book to read in her hanging chair first thing after waking up in the morning; and when it comes time for studies or sleepovers, she has barn door window covers that she can slide shut which darken the room and project colorful circles resembling planets and stars all over her room – transporting her into outer space.

Knowing the bond Ellie and her sister Annie share for each other, we felt neither room could be complete without a porthole connecting both spaces and featuring art from a local artist through which the girls can loom and climb through to visit the other in their bedrooms.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

Weles Wood Flooring

Crineu Silva Painting Services

American Land Title Association (ALTA)VMA Electric

California Closets

Ventura Disposal

Renee MacMurray