Ethan’s Project

In the spring semester of 2007, The Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC-Boston) started a partnership with Room to Dream and the Boston Architectural College to help design and execute Room to Dream projects. As part of the residential graduate design studio for interior design, two teams of students spent the semester designing and implementing two projects, one in Jamaica Plain for Ethan, and one in Medway for Molly. Both projects were wonderful successes, and Room to Dream looks forward to a continued partnership with CDRC and the Boston Architectural College.

Designed By

Sally Brinkerhoff & Meredith D’ambrose & Kibwe Daisy & Andrea Sargent & Melissa Ostrow & Michelle Yack

“We were thrilled to have this opportunity to create an amazing space for Ethan, his sister and his mom. Ethan’s project was a bit of a challenge because he was unable to communicate ideas for his dream room. Finding a way to design a space that was stimulating for Ethan and pleasant for the whole family became our focus. Both his physical therapist and his mom mentioned that color was important in transforming his environment. So for Ethan’s room specifically, we thought a graphic accent wall and interesting lighting would enable Ethan to interact with the space. The accent wall contains different color stripes that vary in width to create a sense of movement. The colors are a twist on the primary colors… rusty red, pale avocado green, creamy yellow and a potent blue. Images of comic book heroes on the walls contribute to the graphic theme.

In order to further stimulate Ethan, we used stimuli products from Snoezelen and Sammons Preston, including a water panel with changeable colors and an aromatherapy fan which fills the room with stimulating smells. He will also enjoy the galaxy created by the lights from the planet mobile and playing with his little sister with other interactive toys we picked up.
For Ethan’s sister, Milleiny, her room is designed for the princess she is. Using a vibrant pink accent wall and other pops of color in the bedding, accessories and lighting, Milleiny’s room is both fun and sophisticated so that it will grow with her over time. And there is plenty of storage for her toys, clothes, and school supplies. We also surprised Ethan’s mom with fresh and fun paint colors throughout her home, especially her bedroom. This provided a change which also offers her a calming retreat to unwind.

The experience was amazing for all of us!!!!!”

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

Sally Brinkerhoff

Meredith D’Ambrose

Kibwe Daisy

Andrea Sargent

Melissa Ostrow

Michelle Yack