Jamea’s Project

Every project the Room to Dream Foundation takes on has unique challenges. Jamea, a 16 year old with chronic asthma, needed a complete makeover of her space to ensure a healthier environment. The scope of this project was very large and the first step was to assign the project team.

Shawmut Construction Project Manager Randy Shelly, Tish Gardner and Anne Hurlebaus partnered with Room to Dream Project Manager Gail O’Rourke to head up Jamea’s Project. They were joined by designers Jessie Koff and Karen Urosevich. They worked together with the family to come up with a project plan and timeline that would work for everyone.

Managed By

Gail O’Rourke, Room to Dream Board Member and Owner of White Wood Kitchens

The designers headed out to create new spaces for Jamea and her three siblings and the Shawmut team went to work solving project challenges.

The path of this makeover was unique as it required a large amount of dedication from the family to ready their home prior to makeover weekend. The project required the team to open up space for new things, remove older items, recycle used items and reorganize. The family was up to the task. But, they wouldn’t have to do it alone. Tish Gardner of Shawmut and Standolyn Robertson, Owner of Things in Place and President of the National Association of Professional Organizers brought in a team of 8 organizers from MA and NH who donated over 100 hours of time in the family’s home organizing each room and educating the family on the ways to make and maintain a healthy environment. This was no small task and their willingness to go above and beyond for this family was amazing. Their efforts made a significant impact on the success of the project and changed the landscape of the home dramatically.

During the preparation phase designers worked diligently to decorate each room with quality pieces, stretch every penny and create warm and inviting rooms for this special family. The Shawmut team skipped lunches and assembled over 20 pieces of furniture for weeks before the makeover, lining the hallways of their office with new furniture for the home. By assembling this furniture beforehand it allowed for more time for other tasks on makeover weekend and less time out of the house for the family.

It was incredible to see all the planning come together on makeover weekend. Shawmut Construction brought over 30 volunteers to the weekend, tearing up carpets, replacing floors, cleaning and moving furniture. Nigel Costolloe, President of Catchlight Painting, along with Daniello and Leon went to work putting a fresh coat of paint on bedrooms walls and closets. By mid afternoon the project was bathed in Inviting Ivory, Priscilla Pink and White Flour. Sunday morning was filled with moving furniture, clearing space, picking up and organizing. By mid afternoon the team anxiously awaited for the family to arrive for the reveal.

“I will never forget the look that came across their face when they walked in,” said Gail O’Rourke “to realize that in one instant you have completely changed how a family will live and how a family will feel by creating this new and healthy home is overwhelming. We all shed a tear of joy.”

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

Shamut Construction’s dedicated team of volunteers –
Hospitality Division
Randy Shelly
Anne Hurlebaus
Tish Gardner

Things in Place
Standolyn Robertson

Clear the Clutter
Denise King

Amazing Spaces
Ellen Bernardi

Simply Effects
Joan Kosmachuk

Kelly Santos

Organization Guru
Sandy Rhee

Dr. Bee Organizing Solutions
Sibel Babacan

Redo Your Space
Suzanne Denneen

Zele Avradopoulos

Catchlight Painting
Nigel Costolloe

Paint Mark Weiner Anthony Losanno

Evan Saks