Alicia’s Project

Alicia is a sweet 14 year old girl who has Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome. There are many complications from her illness that she deals with graciously. Some of these complications have required her to use a wheelchair, however, her bedroom door was not wide enough for her wheelchair to pass through. This forcing her parents to carry her in and out of her bedroom. With the help of the Eastern Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (EM NARI), Alicia’s bedroom door was widened. EM NARI also updated the hallway that connects Alicia’s to the bathroom and her brother’s bedroom.

Designed By

Eleven Interiors

Alicia’s favorite colors are red and yellow. She hates the color pink! She also has a snow globe collection. In an effort to accommodate her wishes, we painted her room a sunny yellow and provided her with open red shelving to display her snow globe collection. In order to accommodate her medical needs (a hospital bed, a CPAP machine, a wheelchair, and storage for medical supplies,) we camouflaged a hospital bed with a printed duvet and comforter along with fun accent pillows. A rolling tamboor front nightstand houses Alicia’s CPAP machine. A custom desk painted red also created by EM NARI, provides a space for Alicia to do her homework or arts and crafts in the comfort of her wheelchair. An armoire allows for Alicia’s clothes and new flat screen television to disappear behind red lacquered doors and a new closet organization system houses Alicia’s medical supplies.

Alicia’s brother, Sean, has chronic asthma and needed some organization help. Sean has several collections of his own, but due to his asthma, these collections needed to be enclose. As a solution, we provided him with a new desk so he has a place to do his school work without disruption and above the desk is a closed unit where Sean can display his collections. Sean is an excellent athlete (with all the equipment that goes along with that) and an avid sports lover. Hence, Sean’s room was inspired by his love of sports. The colors are red, white, and blue, like his favorite New England sports teams. Storage under his bed, a mirrored armoire, and new closet organization gives Sean plenty of room for his clothes and sports equipment. A new flat screen television is also hidden within the armoire so Sean can watch his favorite teams play!

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

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