Sean’s Project

It was an honor and a thrill to work with the Room to Dream Foundation in creating a new bedroom for Sean. Meeting Sean and his family was nothing less than inspiring. The Bennetts are an extraordinary family whose incredible strength has seen them through the roughest of times. Sean’s chronic illness challenged him both mentally and physically and he had courageously endured over two years of treatment. Finally feeling well, he was beginning his non-treatment life and was excited about starting his freshman year of high school. Sean explained that he wanted a fresh new space to help him stay focused on his studies as well as a place to relax and feel calm.

Designed By

Leah Cantor and Shalini Sookar

Managed By

JR Richardson | Room to Dream Board Member

During our initial meeting, Sean shared his dreams of a raised platform bed, a place to do his homework, and help with organization. Sean’s passion for sports was reflected in his enormous collection of signed memorabilia which included over 75 baseballs and numerous autographed shirts and hockey sticks. Astro, the family’s black lab (and Sean’s partner in crime), also shared the bedroom and needed a special place of his own. Our challenge was to transform the small dark room with red walls and heavy drapes into a light and airy new space that would feature Sean’s collections, provide space for him to hang out with friends, and most importantly offer an organized area where he could spread out and focus on his schoolwork. Our vision was to create an inspiring space into which he could grow – a true room to dream.

To provide Sean with more space, we designed a custom platform bed incorporating architectural elements which were not only functional but fun. We were fortunate enough to join forces with Gary Rousseau of Herrick & White who worked with us to create a true built environment. Integrated 30” deep drawers incorporated below the mattress platform provided ample space for Sean’s clothes and a special alcove below the bed offered Astro his own space to “chill out” in his hip new dog bed. Our vision of creating a prominent feature to house Sean’s prized baseballs culminated in a design integrated into the outer side of his headboard. An open niche of shelves with rabbeted wells to hold each ball created a colorful, organized, and accessible display.

Other unexpected custom details added elements of surprise to the space. An architectural post not only anchors the bed but also provides an opportunity for Sean to improve his agility. The post features rabbeted circular wells backed with Velcro to provide targets for the assortment of velcro covered wiffle and ping pong balls we created. Other details include custom built stairs leading up to the bed illuminated by tiny wall lights and a custom hand rail fashioned out of Sean’s mini hockey sticks. During the “reveal” Astro expressed his excitement as he beat Sean up the stairs to test the new mattress.

To visually enlarge the space and add a sense of lightness to the room, we envisioned integrating a grand gesture into the overall design. To achieve this, we designed a continuous panel of drywall clad in a light linear bamboo textured wall covering which runs up the bed wall and across the ceiling leading the eye up and across. Sleek linear fixtures with LED strips flanking each side of the ceiling panel replaced Sean’s old ceiling light/fan providing a much needed boost of light output.

Addressing Sean’s need for a place to study, we created a custom L-shaped desk area which included cabinetry with both open and closed storage. For a fresh look with a clean contrast, we selected a zebrawood laminate surface for the counter tops and a white gloss surface for the cabinet base. Having chosen a neutral paint color as a backdrop for Sean’s colorful collections, we chose to let the floor speak loudly and act as the pop of color in the room. A vibrant combination of striped FLOR carpet tiles mixed with whimsical colorful shag solids created a warm and welcoming footprint bursting with pattern and texture.

We are grateful to our dedicated “dream team” as well as our generous teams of volunteers who contributed their time, energy, and humor to make the project a success. Gary’s team worked tirelessly not only building but assembling the magnificent work they created. We are also indebted to Andy Donovan whose electrical expertise and dedication was invaluable. We especially want to thank the Bennetts for their warmth and kindness and for welcoming us into their family. Before departing for their weekend away in preparation for the “reveal”, Sean’s Mom went above and beyond the call of duty and left all the volunteers heaps of freshly baked treats for which we were very grateful.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

Custom Millwork: Gary Rousseau and his team at Herrick & White

Lighting Consultant: Lucy Dearborn, Lucia Lighting (advised on and supplied all lighting)

Master Electrician: Andy Donovan, Donovan Electric

Electrician: Bob Worthington, Richard Brothers Electric

Drywall Installer: Tom McKoan, Captain Drywall Inc.

Wallpaper Installer: Walter LeBlanc

Michael J. Lee Photography

California Closets

The Shade Store

Mike Banks and his team from the Sherwin Williams Store in Allston, MA

Creative Office Pavilion

The Container Store

West Elm




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