Mohammad’s Project

When we first met Mohammad and his family we were struck by their warm hospitality and thankfulness. Most uplifting was the cheerfulness and determination Mohammad exuded even though he has had to live with Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 4, Muscular dystrophy a progressively debilitating disease. He is a bright, engaging, articulate young man proud of his Lebanese heritage, religion and quite a music aficionado.

Designed By

Daher Interior Design & Shawmut Construction

As a 17 year old about to enter college Mohammad had few wish list items. He wanted a new computer and his room able to accommodate friends. This is the space he “hangs out” with his friends and two brothers, ages 7 and 3. The room had many constraints that we sought to change allowing his wheelchair and everyday tasks to be made easier. Mohammad had 3 themes he wanted incorporated into his room; his love of Lebanon the country his family came from, a prayer he read every day to help provide strength and his love of music.

The launch was the Lebanese flag in colors of red, white and green. A custom coverlet resembling the Lebanese flag was made. The floor was removed and a new subflooring layer and vinyl hardwood installed allowing the wheelchair to move freely. His closet was outfitted with a new custom closet system having shelving and hang bars within his reach. A new wood motorized window blind was installed as well as automated lighting. A settee was added for friends to lounge and a custom cabinet made to hold his water/refrigeration unit.

For studies and fun, a new desk was installed with filing drawers, a new computer, software for the computer allowing Mohammad to operate the computer without using his hands (Dragon Speak), printer, new desk light, shelving appropriately hung so all his textbooks could be within his reach and a new desk chair. For music he was given a computer DJ software package so he could mix all the music he wanted. He was given a new television so he could watch programs with his brothers and friends and a new blowup bed so that guests could stay with him.

The Islamic prayer Mohammad reads daily for strength was painted on a canvas and hung on a wall at the foot of his bed. Through research for the prayer we found many Islamic geometric shapes that we decided to use in the bathroom as a custom painted border. We painted the bath, hung a new custom shower curtain and provided new towels.

So as not to forget Mohammad’s two young brothers, we painted their room, added some accessories and installed the computer Mohammad had before receiving his new one.

Everyone worked hard to accomplish so much in a short period of time. On Saturday evening Mohammad’s dad surprised all of us with an amazing dinner his wife had prepared. We all enjoyed the best tabouleh, hummus and meat pies ever tasted!

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

Decorative Painting
Rose Rivard

Coverall Interiors
Kurt Herosian

Plaistow Cabinet

Stanley Furniture
Matt O’Hearn

Andover Electric

Dragon Naturally Speak Software

Columbia Autoseat

Direct IT

Photography: Michael Lee Photography