Breslyn’s Project

Breslyn is a sweet and energetic 7 year old who is an absolute warrior when it comes to her chronic illness. When we first visited Breslyn, she told us that she loves unicorns, rainbows, and the color pink! So Taniya Nayak and her team set out to create a happy healing environment for Breslyn filled with all of her favorite things. Mission accomplished! Taniya and her team also got to design a new space for Breslyn’s sister, Noelle! Both girls were so excited and happy when they saw their new rooms at the reveal. The emotions were palpable. So. Much. Happiness! We couldn’t have made this project such a success without the generosity and support of our donors and volunteers- you are all rockstars! This was a true Dream Team.

Designed By

Taniya Nayak of Taniya Nayak Design

Managed By

Room to Dream Founder, Stefan Nathanson

“It was exactly what I wished for!” — Breslyn

"From start to finish Stefan and the entire team treated Breslyn like a VIP! When she finally opened her bedroom door and caught first sight of her dream bedroom, her face lit up and everyone else held back tears. That moment was priceless and will not be forgotten! These kids unfortunately have spent their childhood in and out of hospital rooms so having a safe, comfortable bedroom designed just for them is extraordinarily treasured. Thank you!”

Ryan’s Room:

Due to Ryan’s illness and countless hours spent in the hospital, he has found that quiet time for himself is a therapy that is very effective. We knew that we had to design a room that he would love and could escape and relax in. When we first met Ryan he told us about his love of pizza and shared a few very important, pizza themed art and knickknacks that he wanted to be sure would stay in his room. He also told us that he loves the color red and loves to read. Ryan had many books scattered all over his room. His love for pizza inspired our design and we wanted to fulfill his request for pizza wallpaper. We wanted to create a space for Ryan that was bright, airy, and full of the things he loved. With the pizza wallpaper, a big book shelf, bright red window treatments and shelves for all of Ryan’s important things, we were able to create a space that Ryan could relax in while being surrounded by all his favorite things.

Will’s Room:

Will is Ryan’s very outgoing and very funny younger brother. While only being six years old, he knew exactly what he wanted for his room. When we first met Will he told us that he specifically wanted a black and white room. No matter what questions we asked him the answer was always “black and white”. His mom referred to him as a “minimalist” and we knew that the design for his room had to be simple, and of course, black and white. We learned that Will has many sentimental items that he wanted to showcase in his room but in a place that nobody else could reach. We made sure to incorporated high shelving for Will to display all this things and added a good amount of storage for him to hide all of the toy’s that he doesn’t like to share with his siblings. We were able to find small wall decals to give the walls some spark to match Will’s outgoing personality while also keeping the space simple and minimalistic.

Katherine’s Room:

Katherine is the youngest in the family. Only being two years old, we had some help from her mom to come up with the design for this room. Katherine’s mom, Marissa, told us that due to having two older brothers, she isn’t much of a girly girl, however, sometimes likes to escape her brothers and play with her own toys separately in her room. The design we created for her room is something that a growing little girl can enjoy for years to come. With the design of this bedroom came a big change… With the approval from mom, we transitioned from a crib to Katherine’s first big girl bed. As this is a big step, we wanted the room to feel calm and airy and make it a space that Katherine would love. We were sure to leave plenty of floor space for her to play with all of her toys and created a cute and cozy room that wasn’t too girly for their taste.


We learned that in 2014 the family suffered a flood in the basement that destroyed their playroom and everything in it. While the family was able to make some repairs to the space,due to Ryan’s medical status at the time they weren’t able to finish it. With the majority of the toys being in the play room, storage was a must. Not only did we need to create a playroom where the kids could all hang out and play together, we also needed to create a homework space for the kids to go after school. While laying out the furniture plans, the space worked out perfectly for both. On one side we designed built-in shelving with storage, along with a comfortable and cozy seating area for the kids to hang out and watch tv, as well as, a wide open floor space for them to play with all their toys. On the other side we created a space for homework that was away from all the toys that the kids could focus and get their homework done. This space was very important to create for the family to serve not only as their playroom but also as a space that Ryan can escape to for relaxation other than his room.
– The Pinney Designs Team

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

SOEP Painting

Michael J. Lee Photography

Sherwin Williams

California Closets

Starlite Building Services

The Shade Store

Emiliano Deificus of Deificus Art

Millwork One