Ben’s Project

Ben has a serious passion for sports. He is great at remembering sports statistics and has a natural talent for announcing and commentating while watching sports. This passion has helped Ben through tough times and it was a passion his mother, Moreen, wanted to capture with this project.

Designed By

Christina Borella of IA Interior Architects Sponsored by: Shining Stars Learning Center- Saugus, MA Project Team: Michael Racette of WB Engineers, and Elizabeth Spatola, Dyer Brown Architects

Managed By

Christina Borella of IA Interior Architects

Ben is fortunate to have two very thoughtful and loving younger siblings; a brother, Paul and sister, Molly. All three bedrooms were to be transformed with this project. Ben’s room would be relaxing and capture his passion for sports and Legos. Paul’s room would reflect his love of the outdoors as well as provide opportunity to display his collection of keepsakes from family vacations, such as a jar of sand from a family trip to the New Jersey seashore or a rock from a camping trip. Molly’s room would be the quintessential girl’s room that would provide her a space to play and use her great imagination.

Ben’s room would not only display his passion for sports, but also provide a place for him to find a respite from his chronic illness. The area below his new loft bed would provide such a space to relax and settle into a new comfortable red bean bag chair. A new custom built desk with sports lockers painted red and black to match the colors of one of Ben’s favorite sports teams, Ohio State University, provides plenty of storage. Donated by Ben’s favorite broadcaster, a studio microphone and “On Air” studio light as well as a new laptop computer provides all the tools he needs to transmit professional podcasts.

Paul’s room captured his love of the outdoors. Centering the room is a new custom built bed with two bedside tables made of recycled pallets. An orange canopy “tent” transforms his bed into a place to escape and dream of the wilderness. A large custom desk, also made of recycled pallets, complete with glass top allows for a place to study. A new custom built shelving unit that resembles a boat provides a perfect place to display his memorabilia.

A wonderful sanctuary for a girl was created for Molly. Her room was painted a beautiful shade of purple and accented with white and turquoise. Her new bed is centered in an alcove of windows and graced by a lovely canopy, the perfect oasis of comfort whether to go to sleep or read a book. A new modern white desk and a comfy seat featuring floral carvings and a soft cushion provide a touch of elegance for her workspace. A floor to ceiling marker board is centered above her desk for Molly to use her favorite dry erase markers to express her feelings. A new bureau and custom closet system provide storage for all of her clothing. A “Wall of Inspiration” features pictures and quotes from famous women and some of Molly’s heroes. The highlight of this new oasis, a new ceiling mounted hanging chair that is perfect for her to explore and discover her dreams.

The reward of revealing the bedrooms was the expressions of amazement that was elicited by the family as the door to each room was opened. Moreen and her husband were overcome with emotion as the kids expressed bewilderment at the transformation that their bedrooms had undergone. As the last room was revealed, Paul, wise beyond his years, exclaimed, “Somebody pinch me, I feel like I am dreaming. That must be why they call it Room To Dream!”

– Christina Borella, Project Manager

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!